How do I get rid of algae in my pool fast?

2021-06-28 11:37:44

Bactericidal Algicide mainly used in water treatment systems, oil field operations, and paper-making industry.

Summer temperatures rise, sweaty state of painful swimming can effectively relieve the heat and fatigue, so the number of tourists in the summer pool will also be significantly increased. The increase in the number of tourists in the water microorganisms will grow rapidly, and slowly the water in the pool will become cloudy and green from clear and transparent, and finally more and more green.

In fact, this is algae in the water. For swimming pool managers, swimming pool algae is very headache. Not only does it affect the water quality of the swimming pool and the passenger flow, but it also affects business performance when changing water. So is there any way to solve this problem?

How do I get rid of algae in my pool fast?

If your swimming pool has grown a lot of algae, it is recommended to change the water directly because it is already very dirty. From the point of view of consumers, change the water directly water will be healthier. However, if there is not much growth, you can use professional Bactericidal Algicide for treatment.

Bactericidal Algicide is a cationic surfactant. It has broad-spectrum, high-efficiency bactericidal and algaecide ability. Its ability to effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and algae in the water can effectively remove algae reproduction and slime growth. It has an excellent bactericidal effect in different pH ranges. At the same time, it has particular oil removal, deodorizing ability, and corrosion inhibiting effect.

Regular use of the substance to remove algae in the pool can keep your pool clean and save the cost of water changes. If you have not used this agent before, you should learn more about its use before using it.


How to use Bactericidal Algicide:

1. The first time the algaecide product is dosed, dosing concentration 200-300g/ton, one-time cleaning off the moss, algae, slime, clean and no residue.

2. Summer every 7-10 days, the dosage of 150g/ton, winter 30 days, the dosage of 150g/ton.

3. The amount of bactericidal algaecide added and the concentration of the agent is related to the environment of use. There is no a fixed standard. Everything you need to adjust according to the use of the effect, while you can adjust the dosage according to the water quality.

4. After adding the agent, you should open and run the filtration system for about 24h to filter the impurities, and you should clean the impurities in the filter.

5. After two to three days of cleaning and re-testing the water quality, you can make appropriate adjustments and switch the filtration system back to routine operating procedures.


The use of the agent after the effect is remarkable. It is now widely used in circulating cooling water systems in swimming pools, petroleum, chemical, electric power, textiles, and other industries. It can effectively control the growth of bacteria and algae and has remarkable effects on killing sulfate-reducing bacteria. So what are the advantages of bactericidal algaecide to make it the most common for pool managers to use the agent?

The advantages of bactericides and algaecides:

1. Easily soluble in water, not affected by water hardness

2. Strong sterilization ability, harmless to humans and animals

3. Will not cause secondary pollution to the environment

4. Less dosage, long duration of effect, no drug resistance

5. Long shelf life, not easy to damage

6. Low cost

If you are worried about your swimming pool full of algae, try Bactericidal Algicide, which is the best agent to help you quickly clean up the algae in your swimming pool, help you reduce costs, and get higher economic benefits. If you want to know more about this agent, please contact us. We will provide you with more help!

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