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Surface sizing agent is a new generation of styrene ester copolymerization product that effectively combines with starch to give starch coatings good crosslinking strength and hydrophobic properties.

A surface sizing agent is usually used to provide water resistance and prevent the paper from blurring due to water or ink. Surface sizing agent is suitable for all kinds of paper or cardboard, such as writing paper, copy paper, corrugated board, newspaper, postcards, paper cups, paper bags, etc.

With the improvement of paper industry technology, paper surface sizing has become a routine paper treatment process. And in recent years, the market has put forward higher requirements for paper surface properties, strength, and water resistance, so surface sizing agents have become indispensable raw materials for the paper industry.


What does sizing agents mean?

Sizing agents are paper additives, also known as in-pulp sizing agents. They are chemicals added to the pulp, paper, and paperboard to treat them to achieve resistance to fluid penetration. Sizing on paper can improve the performance of paper against water, oil, and printing ink and improve smoothness, water repellency, and printability.

Sizing chemicals are a variety of substances used to promote water protection on the surface of the paper. We often use these substances to prevent ink from penetrating the paper and prevent ink from becoming blurred by contact with water.


What is sizing chemical?

A sizing or sizing agent is a substance applied to or incorporated into other materials, especially paper and textiles, as a protective filler or glaze. Sizing is used in paper and fabric manufacturing to modify the absorption and abrasion characteristics of these materials.

Sizing agents can be divided into in-pulp sizing agents and surface sizing agents. We can broadly divide In-pulp sizing agents into rosin-based sizing agents, synthetic sizing agents, and neutralizing agents. Surface sizing agents generally use anionic polymeric substances.

From the perspective of the development of the paper industry, surface sizing is one of the essential processes through which add the surface additives to improve the performance of the paper sheet or increase the water's resistance of the paper or cardboard.


What is a paper sizing agent?

A paper sizing agent is a sizing agent that is applied to paper to impart certain desirable qualities. The primary function of a sizing agent is to increase the permeability of water or other liquids to the paper, making the paper suitable for printing, writing, etc. The sizing agent is also known as a sizing agent.

Sizing agents are also known as gumming agents. Sizing is a process nucleation technology that applies glue in the pulp or on the paper. Its purpose is to maintain the dimensional stability of the paper and prevent shrinkage while reducing the water and ink absorption of the paper, enhancing the smoothness of the paper, printing adaptability, and improving the quality of the paper.

The sizing process of paper is usually located at the end of the baking cadre of the paper machine so that the paper sheet is sprayed with a layer of glue when it is not completely dry but has a specific strength. A layer of glue film is formed on the surface of paper and cardboard by subsequent drying, thus changing the surface properties of paper or cardboard.

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