Polycarboxylic Antiscale and Dispersant

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Polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitor is easily soluble in water and can be mixed with various surfactants. Resistant to acid, alkali, and hard water, with good dispersion and emulsification properties.

It is used as a powerful dispersant in wool/blended textile-bath dyeing; as an anti-sedimentation agent when using acid dyes and cationic dyes, as a raw material of industrial detergent and glass fiber emulsifier.

Polycarboxylic acid antiscale dispersant has a good scale inhibition effect on the calcium carbonate scale. It is mainly used for the anti-corrosion and scale inhibition of water cooler, oil cooler, condenser, air cooler, evaporator, heater, reactor, absorption tower, storage tank, pipeline, and other equipment in various industries.

The amount of polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitor dispersant is also minimal. Commonly used are polyacrylic acid PA A hydrolyzed maleic anhydride HPMA AA /A MPS multi copolymer, etc.

The mechanism of scale inhibition and dispersion of polycarboxylic acid has the following roles.

1Solubilization effect

2The role of lattice distortion

3Electrostatic repulsion effect

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