Phosphonate Scale Inhibitor

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Phosphonate scale inhibitor is a class of agents that can disperse insoluble inorganic salts in water, prevent or interfere with the precipitation of insoluble inorganic salts on the metal surface, scale function, and maintain metal equipment with good heat transfer effect.

Scale inhibitors can remove scale and prevent the formation of scale. It can improve heat exchange efficiency, reduce electricity or reduce fuel consumption. Water treatment can also reduce sewage, improve the utilization rate of water, generally can save more than 60%, in line with the new policy of energy saving and emission reduction.

From the mechanism of action, the role of scale inhibitors chelates solubilization, coagulation, and dispersion, electrostatic repulsion, crystal aberration effect of four parts.

Phosphonate scale inhibitor is a clean process, the synthesis of non-phosphorus, non-nitrogen, non-toxic substances, easy to biodegradable, truly environmentally friendly, and efficient scale inhibitor, to completely replace the phosphorus formula.

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